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The story of JJ, begins in Long Island, NY. JJ moved upstate to collect his B.S in Phys Ed. at SUNY Brockport. During his time upstate he has been part of the bar scene ever since.


His next move would be cross country to     La Crosse, WI and Rochester, MN where he would eventually get his M.S in Adapted Phys Ed. and jumped on board to another bar called The Library where he would end up managing with his closest friend and begin his DJ career.


His mentor DJ Teddy Swan would teach him the ways before he opened up each night on the weekends after he would finish teaching during the day. 

Two more years go by and JJ makes another move to head over to Boston, MA where he would begin to build his brand. JJ continues to DJ for Sissy Ks and Wild Rover in Downtown Boston.

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